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Just enter your keywords and let TotallitiX build your market - No API or store access needed.
Track your whole Amazon market with TotallitiX
Why bother yourself with which competitors to track - just track'm all.
You will soon get to see your market like you've never seen before, and with data refreshed every few hours you can be sure you won't miss a thing.
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Why do you need a Market Tracker and not just a Product Tracker

Tracking specific products is good, but it only tells you half of the story...
That's why we created TotallitiX - The first tracker that will show your true market
If you want to watch a product - get a product tracker. If you want to know your market - get TotallitiX

How Well Do You Know your Market?

  • Why your sales are dropping off?
  • Are there any new competitors?
  • Who is stealing your sales?
  • Who improved its SEO on your expense?
  • What is your market size?
  • You won't find these answers on Amazon!

Not As Well As We Do!

know your Amazon market at a glance
TotallitiX will give you answers!
Don't waste your time considering who you should track - Just Track'm All!
Our MarketTracker will track ALL your market for you - don't waste your time on investigating who you should track - just track'm all. Our MarketTracker gets you all the data you need from your competitors like price, BSR, reviews, inventory, and all the usual stuff. But that's not all... we've added more cool and unique metrics like sales and revenue share of each one of your competitors and much more.
All your Amazon market in one place
The MarketMatrix
Your whole Amazon market - at your fingertips
  • Get all of your market data on one single matrix
  • See your true market size and the number of competitors
  • Review every detail and every shift in your competitor's state
  • Sort, filter, slice and dice your market from every angle
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The MarketGrid puts your whole market on one single table - for the first time, you will see your true market size.
You will get all the numbers at your fingertips as well as how they change over time,
you can sort and filter, slice and dice your market from every angle and discover the small details that lead to big changes.
TotallitiX - Amazon Market Analyzer
The MarketCorteX
Step into the future of Amazon Market Intelligence
  • Let the "CorteX" analyze your market data - constantly
  • Get exclusive metrics like your market share, market size and more
  • Get personalized insights and periodic market analysis reports
  • Save tons of time by setting your focus to where money is
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Our MarketCorteX is an intelligent tool that constantly analyzing your market and generates deep analysis reports that save you tons of time by directing your focus to what's really matters in your market.
It will help you get to know your competitors and understand your market much better, who is collecting most of the reviews in your market, who is climbing its SEO, who is rapidly increasing its sales and much more.
Discover your Amazon market trends
The MarketGraph
Unleash the power of data and discover your market trends
  • Display any data point on the chart
  • Connect it with any other data point
  • Learn how different factors affects each other over time
  • Discover the trends and dynamics in your market
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Unleash the power of data and discover your market trends.
Our Market graph let you to display any piece of data on the chart... and connect it with any other piece of data - for your whole market and each one of your competitors.
Just select any metrics your want to compare and see how they affect each other over time.
Alerts for new competitors in your Amazon market
The MarketWatcher
Seat back and loosen up... We're on the watch... 24/7!
  • Get alerts for every new competitor and product
  • Find competitors long before they affect your sales
  • Add them to your Amazon market tracker with just a click
  • Be the first to know - Be the first to act
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From now on you can relax and stop worrying about new competitors surprising you and eating your sales - our MarketWatcher will alert you about every new competitor that enters your market long before they start affecting your sales.
TotallitiX is the first market intelligence platform.
We've drawn and built it from ground up for Market Analytics.
TotallitiX aggregate and index all of your market data in one place so you won't miss a thing.
From now on, you can stop guessing and start selling
Our Exclusive KPIs
  • Market Volume
  • My Market Share
  • Best Selling Price
  • Average Market Price
  • Average Market BSR
  • SEO Performance
  • Overall Performance
Want to see your real numbers?
  • The long shot… it's your market size

    Track your Amazon market size

    Shows your entire market volume. That is a monthly based estimation of the total revenue in your market. This indicator can tell you how much money people are spending on your product.

  • It's not the quantity - it's the quality that's important

    Track your Amazon market share

    Shows your relative share from the entire market revenue. This not only show how much you can grow in this market, it can further guide you to why your sales has changed - a static value will point to shifts in market demands, while changing value will suggest shifts in the competition forces.

    Revenue and sales rank are calculated using our internal algorithms

  • The price point of success

    The best selling price for your Amazon product

    Shows you the strongest price point for your product, this price point moves the most units in your market. This is a valuable indicator of how buyers evaluating your product. You can also find how it varies over time.

  • How competitive are you?

    The average price in your Amazon market

    Shows you the average price in your market, here too you get your price as a reference so you can track your position in the price competition.

  • How competitive is your market?

    The average BSR in your Amazon market

    Shows you the average BSR of your competitors, this indicator can give you a quick insight on the intensity of your competition and the popularity of your market compare to other Amazon markets.

  • Competition sensitive SEO score

    Amazon SEO Analyzer

    Shows your SEO score relative to your competitors, you can see your overall score of all the keywords in your market or a breakdown by keyword.

    SEO performance uses advanced algorithms to reflect keyword strength and calculate your weighted SEO score relative to your competitors

  • It's only one indicator… but it tells the whole story

    Amazon Market Performance Analyzer

    Shows your market score relative to your competitors. You can see your overall score, or a breakdown by important criteria so you can find where you should improve

    The scores are calculated using our internal algorithms to evaluate your main performance indicators and calculate your overall score in this market

TotallitiX alerts for new competitors in your Amazon market

Hold it!

Planning for a new product?

  • What is the market size and volume?
  • How much can I take from it?
  • How many competitors you'll have?
  • Is the competition growing fast?
  • What is the market potential?
  • What are the trends and dynamics?

Don't bring your next product before you see the market through the eyes of TotallitiX.

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Best for beginners

  • 1 Market
  • 5 Keywords
  • Unlimited Products
  • Free New competitors alerts
  • Free Market analysis reports
  • Free Email Support
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Best for everyone

  • 3 Markets
  • 15 Keywords
  • Unlimited Products
  • Free New competitors alerts
  • Free Market analysis reports
  • Free Email Support



Pro Seller

Best for large FBA sellers

  • 9 Markets
  • 45 Keywords
  • Unlimited Products
  • Free New competitors alerts
  • Free Market analysis reports
  • Free Email Support
TotallitiX will give you an unfair advantage over your competitors.
  • Whatever your market size is - TotallitiX will watch it all for you
  • Watch your entire market from several different keywords
  • Get alerts whenever a new competitor enters your market
  • Get deep analysis reports with the things that really matters for you
  • Get exclusive data matrix that will help you to know your market from every aspect
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